Welcome to the website of the Nanyuki Children’s Charitable Trust

Always A Warm Welcome From The Children

On the following pages you will find information about the Children of Nanyuki in Kenya, pictures of the children who live there, details of our Registered Charity, and ways of helping us to carry out our work.

Kenya is a country of wonderful diversity and provides a warm welcome to many thousands of visitors each year, most of whom visit the game parks, mountains and beaches that the country has to offer.

Sadly though it is a country not without problems. A combination of poverty, disease and unemployment leads to Kenya having a large number of orphans, ‘street kids’ and abandoned children.

Whilst there are charities, health organisations, non government organisations, orphanages and children’s homes trying to help, these problems show no sign of diminishing.

We at the Nanyuki Children’s Charitable Trust are doing our utmost to help the disadvantaged children of the Laikipia region of Kenya. As you will see, we are a small but dedicated band of people based in the UK. Despite our distance from Kenya, with the assistance of many generous people and organisations we have achieved a lot for the Children.

With your help we will achieve a lot more in the future.

Please browse our website and if you would like to help with our endeavors in some way, however small, please get in touch.

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